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Caging Options

Choosing a cage for your pet hedgehog is an important first step before you even bring it home. There are many types of cages that are acceptable. Let's look at a few.


Aquariums feature a solid bottom and side and are hedgie proof!

Pros: 30 gallon size or larger aquariums make good homes. They are easy to clean and offer good visibility

Cons: Providing good ventilation can be a problem. As well, Aquariums are heavy and can be difficult to move

Sterilite Storage Containers:

Steralite containers can be found at almost any home superstore (wal-mart, target, ect.).

Pros: easy to clean and sterilize. They are light weight, yet sturdy; available in a variety of sizes suitable for single and multiple hedgehogs; came in clear and translucent colours; and, they are extremely inexpensive. (about $8 USF for the 96 quart-size at Wal-Mart). Steralite bins can also be attached together using PVC piping to make multi-room cages.

Cons: To provide good ventilation they should have 1/2 - 5/8 inch holes drilled in the somewhat brittle plastic walls. Plastic may break when drilling as it is very brittle. A solution is to heat up the plastic a little bit before cutting.

Rabbit Cages:

Rabit cages are readily available at many pet stores and are easy to transport.

Pros: They are usually the correct size for hedgehogs

Cons: Most have wire flooring that a hedgehog's feet will slip through. The holes in the wire walls and ceilings are large enough for a hedgehog to climb, slip and fall. Bruises, broken limbs and even death can result. Can fix by using a coroplast to make a higher solid wall.

Ferret Cages:

A modified Ferret Nation cage makes an excellent habitat for a hedgehog.

Pros: Wire enclosed ferret cages that have plastic trays make suitable hedgehog enclosures. Multi-level units with ramps provide lots of floor space for adequate exercise. They are easy to clean and provide good ventilation. … they offer large floor plans, solid level ramps, excellent ventilation, and are easy to clean.

Cons: The wire walls may be wide enough for a young hedgehog to slip its head through. Make certain that the wire bars are spaced no more than 1/2 inch apart. The large size of these cages makes them difficult to move and transport easily. The ledges must all be secured and have walls so that the hedgehog does not jump/slip off.

C&C Cages

C&C means Cube and Coroplast
The cubes are a reference to cavy cages (external link), but an animal play pen will work too with a little enguineuity.
The coroplast is a corrugated plastic that can be scored and folded to cover the bottom of the pen. The coroplast should have a high side so the hedgie cannot escape through the pen bars.
An instruction manual to build a C&C cage can be found here (external link).

Pros: Can be made to any size, and isn't super expensive.

Cons: Coroplast may be hard to find. Must have some DIY skills. Hedgehog may slip between cavy cage cubes. Some hedgehogs can lift play pens and sneak away under them. May take up much more floor space than another type of cage. Hard to move.


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