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2009 April

14th - Easter Contest Submissions Closed - Voting Open Soon

Head over to the Contests page to see the final entries for the Easter photo contest. Check back often because voting opens on the 15th and goes until the 29ths. If you did not get your picture in for this months contest, May will features flowers, so get cracking and start getting the stages set up for Mays photo contest.

7th - Easter Contest Open

Head over to the Contests to see the current entries for the Easter contest. Remember, submissions close April 14th.

7th - March Contest Winner - Ziggy with photography by drpepperheather!

Ziggy stole our hearts, and our green meal worms, with this awesome representation of St. Patrick's Day!
With 33 votes, I am proud to present:
drpepperheather: 33 Votes - WINNER
Ziggy; Cheers!

7th - Wiki Update

Welcome to Hedgehog Wiki!
We are well under way to become a great constructive community of hedgehog enthusiasts.

As you may have notices updates around the site have been a little slow lately. While most of the information that is available on the internet is included here we wish to start adding more useful information and make the site much easier to use. We also wish to increase the traffic to the site, so please recommend HHW to all your friends!

Over the course of this month we plan to update both our owners guide as well as the brand new breeding section, and to bring new fun things to the site.
All contest winners will receive a printable certificate for placing first in a monthly themed picture contest.
We are also looking for hedgehogs, breeders and retailers to enter the spotlight.

We will also be releasing a guide to updating Wiki pages at the end of the month, so look forward to being able to better edit wiki pages.

In the Works:
  • Breeder Guide
  • Page Templates
  • Contest Prizes
  • Editor Guide

If you have any suggestions for the site or just wish to contribute, please contact us HERE!

-Hedgehog Wiki

2009 March

22nd - Grand Opening!

Welcome to the grand opening of Hedgehog Wiki! If you wish to contribute to the site please be sure to register on the site. If you are coming from another forum you may want to use the same name that you use on the forum, as it will help others identify you.

Once your account is created an admin will assign you to the appropriate groups to be able to use the wiki. In order to edit pages you need to be a member of the Editor group. To start all new users will be placed in the 'editor' group. If it is found that anyone has been editing the pages irresponsibly or is doing something that is not in the betterment of the hedgehog community, they will have their editor access taken away, and all new users will need to be screened before being able to edit. Please edit wisely, and only if you know the answers or have real information to contribute.

When editing please remember to cite your references in the bottom, or if you are input personal opinion please place the information in the box and lead by saying "user says:". By keeping your edits neat and tidy, we will better be able to help the hedgehog community.

Last but not least, have fun with the site, and enjoy your stay! We thank you for looking to Hedgehog Wiki for your hedgehog information and are helping to make this a better community for all!

17th - Contest Update - Getting Started Guide

Contests have been updated. Voting for March's Picture contest is open.
The getting started has been updated with more useful information for new owners. Feel free to continue to update the guide.

3rd - Articles, Galleries and Files added - HTML editing available

Users can now add articles which can be found through the search engine, as well as upload photo's and files if they cannot be found elsewhere.
Compatibility with HTML has been fixed, you can now use HTML statements when editing a page by checking the "Allow HTML" box during the edit.

2nd - Public Opening soon, Contest Update

Contests have been updated, and check out the contests page, as the march contest is going on. Also check out the future contests. We are preparing to open to the public within the month.

2009 February

26th - Update, Public Revealing

With most of the pages created, the last little bit of the updating will be finding more sites to reference to articles as well as update articles using a wider range of overlapping information. Some new information added over the next few days will come from various websites.
Public revealing is estimated to be "soon".

20th - Makeover

Hedgehog Wiki got a makeover. Thanks go out to Bryan.

19th - Open to Mods

Moderators are allowed to join Hedgehog Wiki. Many articles have been created from various sites.

18th - Creation

Hedgehog Wiki was created. Pages have begun to be added by Azyrios and moderators will join shortly.


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