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Toys for your Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are often described in two distinct but overlapping categories.
First we have the explorer who is a natural burrower and would rather be running around than sitting on your lap. The explorer loves to dig through cloth and run through tubs, and you can often find him with a toilet paper roll on his face when he is being silly.
The other is the cuddler. This hog would prefer to sleep on your lap when out of the cage, and while it still enjoys running on its wheel, it just wants to snuggle in a fleecy and nap.
Depending on what type of hedgehog you have will influence the toys it will want to play with.


This isn't really a choice, a hedgie needs a wheel to get proper exercise. Wire mesh wheels aren't recommended due to the chance of a nail getting stuck in the wheel. Bucket type wheels are probably your best bet as its agreed that they are safe. Flying saucer wheels are shorter, but take up a greater surface area. They are better if you would like to travel with your hedgie and much easier to clean. Most agree that they are quieter than a bucket wheel also.

See Wheels for more information.

Toilet Paper Tubes

Should be readily available and most hedgies will love them. Simply cut them in half, and then cut a slit along the side so your hedgies head doesn't get stuck.
Even if you don't cut them, the hedgie can still play with them but make sure it is supervised so it doesn't get stuck like that. These quit getting played with so much after the hedgie realizes how to escape from them.

Cat Balls

Most hedgies will also enjoy these to play with, however you must pay attention to what kind of ball it is. The ones with the openings are a hazard, the hedgie is more than capable of getting a jaw stuck inside. However these can be found in a more ping pong ball type fashion with no holes whatsoever and the bell inside, which are safe.
drowsydreamer wrote:
I find that not only cat balls, but any kind of ball is popular. Turbo likes ping pong balls, and he has a small-run-about-ball that he likes to push around (he's too big to fit in it, but nonetheless, its bigger than he is). I've also heard that tennis balls are popular.

Small Stuffed Animals

Some hedgies will play with these, others won't. Just make sure that no loose threads or knots are in it that could entangle the hedgie. The small beanie babies that come in the McDonalds? happy meals every so often are a great example. An easy alternative to this is an old sock, which the hedgie will also drag along with it, once again though, watch for loose strings and knots, they seem more prevalent in socks than in actual stuffed animals

Toy Cars/Trucks

Simply used a brightly colored Hot Wheels car. Some hedgehogs will push it along the floor and even in it's cage sometimes. Most people use some sort of small dump truck, which they put treats inside for the hedgie once it is knocked over.

Thanks to smhufflepuff for the picture!


Many options available for these, just make sure they provide ample space for your hedgie to get through. PVC pipes come in many shapes and are generally used. Pop up tubes at wal-mart that were designed for ferrets but are plenty big enough for some hedgies and the material they are made of are very easy to clean. If you leave them in the cage and can't seem to find your hedgie, check inside them. Many hedgies will enjoy to sleep inside of them occasionally.


Another very simple toy, similar to tubes in a way I guess. Just get a random assortment of different sizes and shapes, and the hedgie will play by running in and out, or simply pushing them around. Most owners will buy a small plastic kiddy pool and put the boxes in there, so the hedgie can't escape while hes playing(It should still be supervised).

Mouse Balls/Round-a-bout Balls

A very debatable toy. They run the risk of a toe getting caught in the slit and ripped off, and have poor ventilation. While hedgies seem to enjoy these, it is not recommended to use one due to this. If they are used however, they should be constantly supervised, and any time the hedgie decides its potty time, cleaned immediately. Also posted with the cat balls, dowsydreamer said that his hedgie likes to just push it around.

Paper Bowls

Gnarly wrote:
I cleaned out my pantry yesterday (which was a pain!) and found a billion unused paper bowls (the disposable kind).

I thought I might try giving Gnarly one of them, to see if he would play with it, since he plays with everything. I figured it is similar to the shape of the hedgie hats that Nancy makes, except it's not nice and oft and fleecy, or even mildly attractive, so maybe it would seem fun or interesting.

And it was such a hit! he climbed over it, he went under it, he pushed it around and I just threw it out when he finally pushed it into a nice big pile of fresh poops.

So, if you guys want to try something cheap and easy, get some disposable bowls for your hedgehog. They are like 100 for $1 at my grocery store. Just make sure they are not plastic, because I think those could possibly break, and be potential dangerous with a sharp edge.

If you have some toys that your hedgehog likes to play with please e-mail me here


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