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About Us

We at Hedgehog Wiki believe there is a large gap in hedgehog information on the internet. Together with all hedgehog enthusiasts we wish to fill this void with tried and true information that will help us extend the life of our hedgehogs.
We are all hedgehog enthusiasts, and are either owners, breeders, hobbyists, or those who just plain love hedgehogs.

Our Mission

Through selective breeding, and a proper diet, a hedgehogs life has already been expanded from its wild 2 year lifespan to one capable of reaching up to 10 years. With better understanding of the hedgehog species we may one day be able to extend their life span to and even longer period of time, as well as eliminate many genetically occurring hedgehog disorders such as Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome and eventually be able to help prevent cancer? in hedgehogs.
We wish to create a standard of care and breeding for all new and old enthusiasts, and create what some may describe as a care manual for all your hedgehog needs. We want to help all enthusiasts by providing breeder tested information, and methods used by many other hedgehog owners so that when problems arise, or questions need to be asked, we will have the answers for you, whether here on the Wiki, or in our extensive collection of forum posts.
With Hedgehog Wiki, hedgehog information is never out of reach.

Our Contributions

Hedgehog Wiki is here to provide you with a site that can be edited and modified by all hedgehog enthusiasts to provide the best information possible to the general public. We will be providing a lot of base information found on many other websites, including Hedgehog Central (external link). We will also be providing Wiki pages to our members to talk about themselves, and even show off pictures of their hedgehogs. Breeder and retailers will also be provided with wiki pages in which to advertise their litters as well as their products. By allowing the community to come together like never before we hope to create a stronger support group of owners, breeders and retailers.

Your Contributions

Hedgehog Wiki will not be able to be a success without the help of all hedgehog enthusiasts. Every individual that edits a Wiki article and provides properly cited and correct information will be helping all other enthusiasts in the process. By allowing you, the users, to edit the Wiki, we are guaranteeing constantly updated information as the world of hedgehogs change, as well as specific information given by different breeders and their opinions on specific articles.
One extremely large undertaking we need help with from users is to find forum topics relevant to the different wiki articles. By linking forum topics to Wiki articles, users of Hedgehog Wiki will be able to find information and questions asked about specific topics that may not come up in the corresponding Wiki article. We need out users to add these forum topics to our Wiki articles under the "Forum Topics" section of each page to help provide users both source information, as well as access to questions that may be similar to theirs.
For more information on editing this wiki see: How to edit Wiki Pages.

Thank You

With your help we can make this Wiki the standard for all hedgehog information.

Contact Us

If you need to contact Hedgehog Wiki please send an e-mail here.
Please send us any suggestions or concerns you have with the site. Be sure to include a subject as e-mails without a subject will be deleted without being read.

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