PixiesExoticHedgies said:
I contacted a breeder today, asking for copies of her pedigree. I was interested in possibly buying a hedgie to add to MY herd.....assuming their lines were clean and the hedgies were not related to mine.

Here is the reply I received:
We don't release our pedigrees unless a hedgehog is purchased from us and it must be one of our babies that is breeding quality, however our two are unrelated. One was purchased from a breeder in Virginia Beach and the other from a breeder in Tennessee. Both are breeding quality and both have superb personalities.

Here was MY reply:
Rather uncommon not to release your pedigrees, when asked. It's pretty unethical if you ask me. I was interested in the possiblity of purchasing one to use in my breeding herd, but without the pedigree, I can't compare and see if they are related to any of mine. Why would I commit to purchasing a baby from you, and find out later that it is related and I can't use it for breeding?

NOTE: This is a small private breeder, with only one breeding pair.


PixiesExoticHedgies said:
Here is a copy of her reply....(to my reply above)
We don't release our pedigrees mainly because we also have a pair of sugar gliders and we had a local breeder actually ask to see a pedigree before purchasing, then forged her own pedigrees for her gliders out of ours. It was a mess mainly because she did not breed quality animals and when one she sold died, I was contacted and questioned about the quality of my animals when I never sold the girl an animal based on the quality of hers and her intentions to breed. It's unbelievable that people are like that, but I tend to be super cautious now about my pedigrees.

And now MY reply to hers:
That's all well and fine. But how do you expect other REPUTABLE breeders to purchase your hedgies, when we can't compare the lineage? In the hedgehog world, this is standard procedure. I'm looking for new lines to add to my herd, and since we live so close together, I thought maybe we could work together. If you decide to reconsider, please let me know and send me copies of their pedigrees. If you don't want to send the actual pedigree, then just send me a LIST of their background lineage. It would be unethical to purchase a hedgehog for breeding purposes and NOT know the hedgies pedigree background.

PixiesExoticHedgies said:

heather wrote: "Out of curiosity since s/he was refusing to supply a pedigree in the first place then why even bother? If she does decide to supply a pedigree don't you think that this whole situation will have resulted in a bad relationship to begin with?"

Not necessarily. The reason she gave in her second reply, was a very good reason. However, in my opinion, knowing that I was a breeder from first contact, she should have given me that explaination in the first place. That is why I gave her the option to send me a LIST, rather than the pedigree itself. I can imagine the past experience was horrific for her. Thus, the reason for the second chance offer. Now.....if she still refuses (as she has not replied yet), then YES, you are correct.....and I will not give it a second thought or consideration.

Reaper said:
Most people who have entered the pet hedgehog community in the last few years haven't witnessed some of the absolutely sickening, petty, childish, nonsensical, political, actions of a few enthusiasts and breeders. So today it is very common to find breeders being very paranoid until they have communicated to a newcomer several times to make sure they are sincere. A lot of this happened just as I was learning about hedgehogs as pets. So now we live in a world where the pet hedgie community is fractured into a few different "sections" or "cliques". The problem is this: Since there are no new bloodlines coming from Africa it would be best if everyone would get along and do what is best to further and grow the pet hedgehog community. There are still those however that think their way or position is the best. And their way is the only way to breed, raise, feed, sell, and enjoy a pet hedgehog. Over the years there have been many hurtful things said and done across the board and it takes a long time in some instances for the hurt to subside let alone be forgiven. So don't take anyone's "slow to warm up to you" stance as being a "bad" or "unethical" person......It is just the way things are for now........Hopefully someday things will be better.

Nancy said:
Reaper nailed it on the head. People are afraid to give out too much information or it will be picked apart and used against them. Anyone who has been around for a while knows to be cautious.

As a breeder I'm hesitant who I sell to because I will retire lines that have something show up in, but not all breeders do and I don't want to sell to someone who will continue to breed that line or just rename the hedgehogs and continue.